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Wednesday. 5.5.04 11:20 pm
so i'm taking a short econ homework break..

tonight was lots of fun with Teresa & Jaime:)

we risked my car and the whole hole in the radiator problem and drove to this little porn store just over the Palmer line. It's this little white shack with pink trim called Miss Piggys (lol!) We spent a good time in there looking at things and joking around and watching Teresa be excited and embarrased at the same time.

In the end there ended up being a purchase made.

so that was much exciting, lol

then we left the store and headed back for school. when we drove there we talked about the carnival thats in the parking lot in the mall and how we should go to it and i wondered how much it cost and how long they'd be there, so last second on the way back i switched lanes and went to see, they were all like, what are you doing! so we ended up going in there and finding out they're here till Sunday and it costs $1.50 a ride MTW.. so we were going back to the car and talking about going on a ride but only teresa had cash and we soo wanted to do it and it was just ALL ABOUT THE TILT-A-WHIRL! (see pics from last post) so we went back in and teresa bought us tickets.

and while she was doing that jaime got all artistic

and then we went on the tilt-a-whirl! and the really rad operator kid was making his own music as we got on and off the ride. i guess he's pretty bored since there were about 4 people at the carnival. needless to say we were the only ones on the ride.

and of course, it had been rainy and the seats were all wet, so we had to document

so then we left the carival and headed back to school. we went to jaime's room (my old room!) and wanted to put some batteries in the vibrator cuz jaime wanted to see it go again, lol. its blue and it has lights in it.. it says 'strobe' its not THAT exciting, but there are pretty green and red lights in it that go off when you turn it on. so we went to do that but it took AAA not AA so we went to get some batteries from Jaime's friend Adam and then headed over to show Pete! LOL

so needless to say, that was good fun! and Pete's roomamate Dan probably heard the WHOLE conversation, hehehe.

and fabulously our time with pete ended with him saying "enjoy, i hope you get your $30 worth"

it was fun night :)

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good times
Wednesday. 5.5.04 10:20 pm
i wanna update but i gotta work on economics! grrrr!



..okay just a little procrastonation 0:)

more to come later if i finish econ at a decent hour (or anyway!)

x-posted at my lj

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Wednesday. 5.5.04 1:25 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Tuesday. 5.4.04 1:11 am
the power just went out, it was freaky. it just all went black all of a sudden and the computer shut off :( and then it came back on a second later, and then a second after it came back on there was a loud noise from a distance from outside, it sounded like a noise you'd hear on tv of someone getting electrocuted. weird.

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IE sucks
Thursday. 4.29.04 1:55 am
listening to: i'll never not need you - boyzone
mood: disgusting

damn IE.. in Opera, which is what I use, it looks pefect, but in IE theres a stupid space below the picture. that's not supposed to be there, and i don't like it. eventually i may fiddle around and see if i can make it go away, but not now. stupid IE. everyone should stop using it and tell microsoft to fuck off cuz it sucks ass. DOWNLOAD OPERA! IT ROCKS!

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Thursday. 4.29.04 1:27 am
listening to: one step closer live - lp
mood: greasy

yaaaay! hehe.
i was talking to nina online and she was bugging me to make a new layout and sending me pictures and being all pathetic and the such.. sooo, this is what resulted. its a cute graphic i like it. i didn't do all that much to it, but it looks fine i guess. the color scheme is very smilar to the last one, just different colors, ugly colors, but they match really well with the graphic, so i couldnt make it like blue or something, that would just be ugly. and of course the layout is the same, just wider, i'd do something more interesting but i'm lazy and i don't feel like it. besides i was planning on going to bed a half hour ago and i never did.
i'd write more but bed soon, so i must go check for new entries in the hanson lj community :-o oh yes.
leave me messages about how ugly it is

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